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About Us

Our vision is to make communities aware of all the great endurance related events in their area and encourage participation. We try fostering an environment where participants of all skill levels feel welcome and eager to train and race in a friendly community.

John, Erica and Traverse O'Hearn

We are the family behind Racedingo.com. We love living an active lifestyle and hope our passion can help you in any way big or small. Participating in endurance races most of our lives has brought us great friendships and personal accomplishments that both continue to grow. We hope everyone can enjoy the positive benefits of this lifestyle and community that we are so fortunate to be part of.

John O'Hearn

Erica O'Hearn

Traverse O'Hearn

Erica, Traverse and John

Our programmer is Vincent Mysliwiec, John's cousin. Vince loves hanging out with his beautiful family and stays plenty active trying to keep up with his kids.

Our other programmer is Brendan Baic, Erica's cousin. Brendan enjoys the same lifestyle that we are so passionate about. He is an accomplished athlete and musician.

Our motto “Roam Wild” is a way of life we try to live by each day that means don’t settle. Always push yourself and don’t be content with a blah existence. Go get it! If you like what we are about we encourage you to sign-up on Racedingo, it's always FREE. We also have our great Roam Wild apparel line that would just look awesome on you :-)

We always welcome your questions or comments on how we can make the site better. Please feel free to contact us.

Thank you -